Amazon Audible is the world’s most extensive collection of audiobooks, podcasts, exclusive originals, and more. It is a membership service that comes with a 30-day Audible free trial. Active members can download or stream online their chosen titles. It has two types of memberships. Audible plus and Premium plus.

In This article of OpinionTime, we will review Amazon Audible completely.

1. What is Audible and How it works.

Audible is a membership service provided by amazon which offers the world’s most extensive collection of audiobooks, originals, and more. It is primarily dedicated to audiobooks and podcasts. Prices depend on books and podcasts of your choice. It offers some of its collections free of cost and the rest are subscription based.

You can bookmark and clip significant passages from the book as you are listening and you can also modify the playback speed and go to other chapters—your account stores your progress and bookmarks, which are synced between devices. Kindle users can also switch between the written and audio versions of more than 100,000 books using Amazon’s Whisper sync technology.

You can download Audible Audios within the app. and cannot add them to your device’s mp3 collection. You need its app to listen to them.

2. Audible Apps

Amazon Audible provides its service on its website and through mobile and computer apps. Audible apps are available on Windows, Mac, Amazon Devices, iPhone,iPad, Android Smart Phones, and Android tablets.

Amazon Audible apps are well organized and very easy to navigate. You can download your chosen titles within the app to listen to them offline. The best thing about Audible is that print is readable and the setting is customizable. All content is synced perfectly between the apps on your different devices. You can allow other people to listen to Audible Audios with you. You can also play Audible Audios through Alexa.

Amazon Audible limits the number of devices on which you can share and play audio. Many other audio services such as AudiosBooks don’t apply limits. However, you can share your books with your family members but you need to add them to your Amazon accounts

3. Audible Subscription

Monthly plans

Audible Plus subscription cost $7.95 to access thousands of audiobooks in the library of Audible. and Audible premium plus costs $14.95 and gives you one extra credit to spend on any Audiobook in the Audible store. This credit helps you to save on expensive books which cost more than membership.

Audible provides a 30-day free trial which both Audible plus and Audible premium plus. Premium plus trial comes with a free credit also.

Yearly plans

Audible also offers Yearly plans with extra credits for a better deal. Audible premium plus yearly plan is available for $149.50 with 12 credits and $229.50 with 24 credits. You can get two months free on the yearly plan.

Amazon Prime members don’t receive any free Audible benefits, but they can claim one extra audiobook during the 30-day trial of Audible Premium Plus.

4. Audible Library and catalog

The massive store is one of the key reasons Audible is the best service. According to my research, listeners value being able to access the books they want to read more than anything else – including pricing. Audible’s collection contains approximately 200,000 titles, far more than any other membership service’s library. The company is also well-known for its high-quality audio production and original material.

Audible offers the most recent releases from major book publishers. To assess the quality of the services libraries, we generated a list of the most popular books from 2019 and looked for them in each store. Audible had 95 percent or more of the titles on the list, including The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, and The Dutch House by Ann Patchett, which was more than any other store we looked at.

5. Audible Support and Exchange policy

Amazon has a dedicated support team for audible. According to my personal experience, their support is pretty supportive in solving problems. they have covered almost everything in support articles.

Audible premium plus members can return or exchange books without losing credit but some conditions apply on return.

  • The exchange must be within 360 days of purchased books
  • 2 exchanges are allowed per year
  • You cannot exchange after the trial period ends

6. Pros and cons


  • Largest audiobooks and originals titles libraries among competitors
  • Great collection of free stuff
  • refund and return available within 360 days of purchase
  • pause your membership for some time
  • 30 days trial
  • The customizable setting of apps


  • unused credits expire after one year
  • unused credits will be lost forever if you cancel your membership
  • audiobooks can cost you more than their hard copy or ebook
  • Limitation on number of devices per account

Should you choose Audibly. Final words

For any book lover hoping to start listening to audiobooks, the service is well worth it due to its large library, affordable price, and all the other benefits discussed in this article. It is really difficult to reject the pure value that Audible offers when considering all the features and advantages.
Making the most of your time when traveling, working out, and commuting can all be done with Audible.
Additionally, you will have plenty of time with the 30-day free trial and get a book to decide if it is truly worth it.

So With Audible, there’ll be no excuse for not reading that book you’ve always wanted to read.