SingleCare is a pharmacy prescription discount card website that negotiates with different pharmacies and medical stores to help its member save big while purchasing medicines. You can also call it a pharmacy saving card.

1. How it works

SingleCare is a pharmacy prescription coupon code website that negotiates with different pharmacies and medical stores to help its member save big while purchasing medicines.

Active members of SingleCare. can get discounts up to 80% on popular pharmacies like Walmart, Kroger, Harris Teeter, etc.

All you need to do is just signup and search for your required prescription. SingleCare also offers free home delivery for over 4000+ Pharmacies doesn’t work with your insurance but you can use it instead of using insurance. Instead, singlecare is much better than insurance which many companies are providing.

2. Registration

Registration is super simple. All you need is just your basic information. you get a $5 discount card when you signup with Singlecare. Membership is free of cost and there are no hidden charges.

Registration Process

  1. Go to this link and get all SingleCare discounts and Coupons
  2. Click shop now for your desired discount
  3. Hover the sign-in button and click signup today
  4. Fill out your email and all other details
  5. Boom! You are now successfully registered.

You will instantly receive a $5 discount card which can be used when ordering medicines

3. Purchasing

Just like registration purchasing is super simple.

Follow the steps below to place an order on SingleCare

  1. Search for your desired medicine
  2. You will see all available Pharmacies where this medicine is available
  3. You can filter medicine as per your requirement
  4. Scroll down to see FAQs of the medicine which are written by PHARM-D specialists
  5. Click on the Get Free coupon in front of the store and You will receive a Card.
  6. Your Authorization number, Bin, and PCN number are listed on it.
  7. Simply bring your SingleCare card to your Harris Teeter Pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to process your prescription using the BIN and PCN number found on your card.

4. Home Delivery

SingleCare has partnered with GeniusRX to deliver Medicines to your doorstep. Read more about its partnership

Just search for your desired medicines and Select GeniusRx from available pharmacies. If you see “This drug is available for home delivery” then click Home Delivery. You can also place an order from the SingleCare app.

5. Final thoughts

Overall user and personally I am happy with SingleCare. It also has a mobile app too and both the Website and Mobile app are much easy to navigate. Prices of your favorite drugs are also much lower than at local pharmacies. You can also use it instead of your insurance for small amounts of Drugs. It is much different and cheaper than many other Popular prescription discount cards so it’s worth giving a chance.